Chicago’s ComEd sponsors girls in icebox derby

As a means of encouraging girls to take an interest in STEM fields (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics), ComEd — a unit of Chicago-based Exelon Corporation, a Fortune 100 energy company —is pairing some of their female engineers with teams of girls competing in the company’s annual icebox derby. The challenge is to design, build and race a car with the parts of a recycled refrigerator. Continue reading

Supply chain-trained COO becomes a more strategic thinker

An article in Harvard Business Review cites the example of a new COO who came up through the supply chain ranks and found ways to change her focus to become a more strategic thinker. The author, Ron Carrucci, writes that too few leaders even understand what strategic thinking really is – and how important it is to their role. SUPPLY CHAIN-TRAINED COO BECOMES A MORE STRATEGIC THINKER Continue reading

Industry publication refers to AWESOME/Gartner study

The publication Refrigerated and Frozen Foods recently featured an article titled “The rise of women in supply chain and logistics.” The article highlights observations from the AWESOME/Gartner Women in Supply Chain survey, including that more organizations have reported initiatives to improve gender diversity over the past several years. Read more about the 2019 Research. Continue reading

Women were in charge of the first moonwalk spacesuits

Fifty years after the first moonwalk took place, some of the behind-the-scenes people who made it happen are finally being recognized. This includes a group of women working for International Laytex Corporation (ILC) — now Playtex — who stopped sewing girdles long enough to assist NASA in making a spacesuit that could mean the difference between life and death for an astronaut. Continue reading