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Interview with Michelle Halkerston, President & CEO, Hassett Express

Michelle describes technology integration investments she views as game-changers for her business.

Interview with Ninette Vaz, Global Supply Chain Internet of Things Senior Manager, Intel

Delivered Magazine
Ninette explains how diversity delivers in the workplace and talks about AWESOME as a source of support for women in supply chain.

Interview with Beth Ford, CEO of Land O’Lakes
2015 AWESOME Legendary Leadership (ALL) Award recipient

CBS 60 Minutes
Beth talks about leading her Fortune 500 company, one of the country’s largest farmer-and retail-member-owned cooperatives with a supply chain goes all the way from the farm to the retail shelf.
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Article by Ann Drake, AWESOME Founder

On October 17, 2019, Ann was honored with the Salzberg Medallion from the Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University. This article shares share her acceptance remarks as she talked about the metamorphosis that led her to discover, learn, transform her company, and launch AWESOME.

The rise of women in supply chain and logistics

Refrigerated and Frozen Foods
An article titled “The rise of women in supply chain and logistics” highlights observations from the 2019 AWESOME/Gartner Women in Supply Chain survey.

Interview with Beth Ford, CEO of Land O’Lakes
2015 AWESOME Legendary Leadership (ALL) Award Recipient

Wall Street Journal
Interviewed at Wall Street Journal’s Future of Everything Festival, Beth said she sees plant-based products as solution, not threat to nation’s dairy and meat industries.

Article written by Dr. Nancy Nix, AWESOME Executive Director, and Dana Stiffler, Research Vice President at Gartner

Supply Chain Management Review
Describes the business case for companies to advance women leaders in supply chain and the results of the 2016 AWESOME/Gartner “Women in Supply Chain Survey.”

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