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Welcome to the AWESOME supply chain leadership initiative!

The launch of AWESOME in January 2013 marked the opening of a whole new universe for women supply chain leaders.

Yes, in past years, women were advancing into important and powerful positions of supply chain leadership, but progress has been painfully slow. Even though within the first six months of AWESOME’s launch, we identified more than 400 women in leadership roles, most of them didn’t know each other. They had never met. They were too busy navigating a traditionally male profession to connect with each other. The significant benefits of a network were unavailable to them. And there were only scattered attempts to build a powerful pipeline of women who could become the next generation of leaders. AWESOME’s goal is to change all that!

The name AWESOME was chosen carefully. Not only do we strongly believe that women supply chain leaders ARE, indeed, AWESOME, but the specific letters are relevant, too. A for Achieving… W for Women… those were natural. But E for Excellence has a special meaning. With all the energy behind this initiative, we are not suggesting women be handed special opportunities but that they become — and help other women become — so excellent, so capable, so qualified, so confident, so courageous, so collaborative etc. that they own their own leadership.

The S in AWESOME is for Supply Chain. The letters O, M, and E, standing for Operations, Management, and Education, represent AWESOME’s focus on bringing together the broadest possible spectrum of women supply chain leaders. Women from manufacturing, retail, consulting, supply chain management, military logistics, government, infrastructure, education, technology… and other related fields.

In the time since it was launched, AWESOME has quickly gained credibility and built momentum. Our purpose is ADVANCING WOMEN SUPPLY CHAIN LEADERS.

We can do this together! And the time is NOW!

Ann Drake

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AWESOME Accomplishments


  • The AWESOME network has grown to more than 900 senior leaders in diverse supply chain roles
  • Fourth annual SymposiumCREATING AN AWESOME FUTURE: Challenge. Innovate. Lead. — held in April 2016 with Host Partner NIKE, Inc. and 11 corporate sponsors, including AWESOME Leader Johnson & Johnson
  • The Fifth Anniversary SymposiumAN AWESOME NEW FRONTIER: Imagine. Believe. Achieve. – is scheduled for May 3-5, in Chicago
  • Publication of Volume Five of REALITY CHECK – How We Make Things Happen: Reaching New Levels of Leadership — with collected wisdom from the 2016 AWESOME Symposium
  • Completion of a new study – in collaboration with Gartner Research — and report issued on “Women in Supply Chain” focusing on current representation of women in supply chain leadership roles, obstacles, and company initiatives
  • Increase in programs powered by AWESOME – involving leading women in supply chain as speakers, panelists or moderators for other organizations’ conferences and events
  • Involvement in CSCMP annual conference September 25-28, 2016, in Orlando, Florida. The Mega-Session on Supply Chain Innovation and a session on Supply Chain Challenges & Capabilities for the Future were powered by AWESOME.
  • AWESOME’s annual networking reception was held on Sunday, September 25, in conjunction with the 2016 CSCMP Conference.
  • Presentation of the third annual AWESOME Legendary Leadership (ALL) Awards
  • Five AWESOME Excellence in Education scholarships were awarded, bringing the total number of AWESOME scholarships to 17.
  • 16 members of the AWESOME Advisors provide leadership support.


  • The AWESOME network grew to more than 700 senior leaders in diverse supply chain roles
  • Third annual SymposiumAWESOME in Action: Connecting. Collaborating. Inspiring. — in May 2015 with the first major corporation taking on the role of Host Partner: Johnson & Johnson – and the first involvement of other corporate sponsors
  • Announcement that NIKE, Inc. would be the Host Partner for the 2016 Symposium.
  • Addition of powered by AWESOME -– a program that increases the visibility of women in supply chain by linking them to roles as speakers, panelists or moderators at conferences and other events, including sessions at the CSCMP Annual Conference
  • Continuation of AWESOME tradition of hosting a networking reception on the first night of the CSCMP Annual Conference
  • Publication of Volume Four of REALITY CHECKThe New Realities of Women’s Supply Chain Leadership, with collected wisdom from the 2015 AWESOME Symposium
  • Presentation of the third annual AWESOME Legendary Leadership (ALL) Awards
  • Presentation of five more AWESOME Excellence in Education scholarships, bringing the total number of scholarships to 12
  • Addition of Heather Sheehan to the AWESOME team as Director, Member Engagement & Sponsorships



  • First AWESOME Symposium in May 2013, attracting more than 200 senior supply chain women
  • Successful series of events at the global conference of CSCMP (Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals) in October 2013, further expanding AWESOME’s opportunities for networking, collaboration and learning
  • Presentation of the first AWESOME Excellence in Education Scholarships to two university students.
  • Publication of a comprehensive report named REALITY CHECK, containing “Collective Wisdom” from AWESOME discussions

Learn more about AWESOME’s history.

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