From Ann Drake, Founder of AWESOME


Welcome to the AWESOME supply chain leadership initiative!

The launch of AWESOME in January 2013 marked the opening of a whole new universe for women supply chain leaders.

Yes, in past years, women were advancing into important and powerful positions of supply chain leadership, but progress has been painfully slow. Even though within the first six months of AWESOME’s launch, we identified more than 400 women in leadership roles, most of them didn’t know each other. They had never met. They were too busy navigating a traditionally male profession to connect with each other. The significant benefits of being part of a community were unavailable to them. And there were only scattered attempts to build a powerful pipeline of women who could become the next generation of leaders. AWESOME’s goal is to change all that!

The name AWESOME was chosen carefully. Not only do we strongly believe that women supply chain leaders ARE, indeed, AWESOME, but the specific letters are relevant, too. A for Achieving… W for Women… those were natural. But E for Excellence has a special meaning. With all the energy behind this initiative, we are not suggesting women be handed special opportunities but that they become — and help other women become — so excellent, so capable, so qualified, so confident, so courageous, so collaborative etc. that they own their own leadership.

The S in AWESOME is for Supply Chain. The letters O, M, and E, standing for Operations, Management, and Education, represent AWESOME’s focus on bringing together the broadest possible spectrum of women supply chain leaders. Women from manufacturing, retail, consulting, supply chain management, military logistics, government, infrastructure, education, technology… and other related fields.

In the time since it was launched, AWESOME has quickly gained credibility and built momentum. Our purpose is ADVANCING WOMEN SUPPLY CHAIN LEADERS and TRANSFORMING THE FUTURE OF SUPPLY CHAIN LEADERSHIP.

We can do this together! And the time is NOW!

Learn more about AWESOME’s history.

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