The AWESOME Making Waves Action Agenda

Since before AWESOME was launched in 2013, people in almost every industry have been talking about what can be done to remove barriers and enable women to reach their full leadership potential. We’re part of that conversation, too. At AWESOME, we also set out to transform the future of supply chain leadership, enabling the entire profession to benefit from the talent, expertise and excellence of women.

We’ve tapped into the problem-solving passion and energy of senior leaders in supply chain by holding brainstorming sessions we call “Making Waves” at both the 2018 and 2019 AWESOME Symposiums. We asked them to give us their best thinking around what steps individual leaders can take to influence others and make change happen. The result is the AWESOME Action Agenda.

2019 Action Agenda

Seven Smart Moves to Make Bigger Waves for Women’s Leadership.

What is the problem? It’s painfully slow progress in advancing women to top leadership roles, as well as a limited pipeline of future leaders.

What can we do as individuals? Find out what AWESOME leaders recommend.

Explore five dimensions of reaching: Reach UP, Reach OUT, Reach IN, Reach BACK, and Reach ACROSS and how they apply to making waves.

Discover resources that offer more insights and guidance in your own efforts to advance women.

Download 2019 Action Agenda

2018 Action Agenda

16 Ways to Make Waves and Advance Women’s Leadership

AWESOME’s purpose in Making Waves sessions at the 2018 Symposium was to surface effective actions individuals could take to accomplish four goals: Increase the number of women in top leader roles; advance their own career and leadership potential; increase the pipeline of women in Supply Chain roles/careers; and engage men as advocates for change.

Leaders were asked to implement whichever of the 16 ways would be most realistic and productive for them and to bring those experiences back to further discussions, incorporated into the 2019 Action Agenda.

Download 2018 Action Agenda

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