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December 11, 2018 | Intel’s Manufacturing Excellence Conference   |   Intel Senior Women Luncheon

Anaheim, California

Ann Drake, Founder of AWESOME, and Heather Sheehan, Executive Director of AWESOME, talked about the early days of AWESOME, the progress since then, and the “Actions for Supply Chain Leadership” that emerged from Making Waves sessions at the 2018 AWESOME Symposium. During the interactive discussion, they challenged participants to create their own “action agendas.”


November 17-19, 2018 | DSI (Decision Sciences Institute) Annual Meeting

Chicago, Illinois

Saturday, November 17   |   2:20 pm – 5:00 pm
Panel / Workshop: Paradigms for Parity in Advancing Women Leadership in Supply Chain and Operations Management

Women are increasingly entering supply chain management and operations management (SC/OM). Yet, the pace of advancement of promising women into leadership is too slow. This panel/workshop develops multiple paradigms describing the challenges and opportunities for the SC/OM field to bring gender equality into its upper echelons—Full Professor rank, Endowed Chair, Professional Society Fellows, Sr. Editorial Leadership, Academic Management Roles, etc.–by 2025. Senior female and male academic scholars will discuss the issues and strategies for changing the dynamics.

Mark Ferguson, University of South Carolina
Joy Field, Boston College
Robert Klassen, Ivey Business School at Western University
Nancy Nix, AWESOME Leaders-Achieving Women’s Excellence in Supply Chain Operations, Management and Education
Powell Robinson, University of Houston
Aleda Roth, Clemson University
Wendy Tate, University of Tennessee
Niratcha (Grace) Tungtisanont, University of Maryland
Rohit Verma, Cornell University

Moderator: Funda Sahin, University of Houston


November 6-7, 2018 | 20th Annual Logistics CIO Forum: North America

Austin Marriott South – Austin, Texas

Innovating for Business Success: Driving Results that Matter

With the ever-increasing rate of technological change come both opportunities and challenges. What are the keys to logistics innovation that makes a difference to your customers and your company? Gain insights about ways you can and should play a role in the top-level strategic planning of your company to deliver results that matter.

Conference Chair: Nancy Nix, AWESOME Executive Director Emeritus


September 30-October 3, 2018  |  CSCMP Edge Supply Chain Conference

Nashville, Tennessee

Sunday, September 30   |   AWESOME Reception   |   7:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Refreshments and interaction with AWESOME leaders, conference speakers, and other supply chain colleagues

Sponsored by

Wednesday, October 3   |   AWESOME Mega Session — powered by AWESOME   |   8:30 am
Global Volatility & Risk: The Imperative for Supply Chain Agility

According to Dun & Bradstreet’s CIPS Risk Index, global supply chain risk continues to hover near its all-time high reached in Q4 2016. Changing regulations, shifts in international policy, and a growing wave of nationalism continue to reshape global markets and supply chain strategies. A group of outstanding experts and leaders will identify major sources of risk and volatility and implications for supply chains, offer potential strategies for building agility into your supply chain, and discuss approaches for supply chain leaders to assess and mitigate risk.

Sylvia Fouhy, VP Customer Experience, Johnson & Johnson
Kara Mahoney, VP Account Management, Expeditors
Amy Michtich, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Molson Coors Canada

Moderator: Jennifer Diaz, Founder, Diaz Trade Law, P.A., Board Certified in International Law

View list of other CSCMP EDGE sessions featuring women as speakers and panelists.

Many thanks to AWESOME’s Scholar Supporter Expeditors for sponsoring our five 2018 AWESOME Scholars attendance at CSCMP EDGE.


September 26 – 29, 2018 | FIATA World Congress

New Delhi, India

Wednesday, September 26   |   5:00 pm – 9:30 pm

Speaker for the Indian Forum: Nancy Nix, AWESOME Executive Director Emeritus


September 12-13, 2018  |  Transform 2018 Executive Tech Summit

Chicago, Illinois

Smooth Scaling: The Path to Being Truly Digital

Kristin Bauer – VP Supply Chain Strategy & Operations, Ulta Beauty
Marion Gross – SVP & Chief Supply Chain Officer, McDonald’s
Michelle Halkerston – President & CEO, Hassett Express
Elaine Singleton – VP Supply Chain, Technicolor

Moderator: Mary Rollman – Managing Director, Accenture


August 2-3, 2018  |  USC Marshall School of Business

Los Angeles, CA
Global Supply Chain Excellence Summit

      • Keynote speaker: Regenia Sanders, Principal Partner at EY

Cornelia Coles, VP J&J Operation System, Johnson & Johnson
Kathy Fulton, Executive Director, American Logistics Aid Network
Heather Sheehan, Executive Director, AWESOME


March 7, 2018 | U.S. CIA Headquarters

McLean (Langley), Virginia
Innovation in the Supply Chain: Perspectives from Leading Executives

Successful senior executives talk about building and leading innovative, agile supply chains. Technology disruptors, rapidly-changing customer preferences, social media, and other forces create challenges and opportunities requiring companies to adapt their production and supply chain capabilities. This session will answer questions such as: How are organizations transforming their supply chains for innovation and agility? What major technology and other disruptors are forcing changes in supply chain strategies? How can supply chain leaders be catalysts for innovation and improved performance?

Micaela Bulich, former VP Onshore Wind Global Supply Chain, GE Renewables
Annette Danek-Akey, SVP Fulfillment, Penguin Random House
Michelle Dilley, Chief Transformation Officer, DSC Logistics
Brigadier General
Kristin French, U.S. Army (retired), Chief of Staff, Defense Logistics Agency
Susan Pellechio, former VP Transportation, Starbucks

Moderator: Heather Sheehan, Executive Director, AWESOME

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