2016 AWESOME/Gartner Research

AWESOME/Gartner Research


Gartner and AWESOME study women’s supply chain leadership

In early 2016, AWESOME collaborated with Gartner, the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company, on a survey to determine the representation of women leaders in Supply Chain leadership roles. The research also set out to highlight specific activities companies are engaged in to better attract, develop, retain and advance women in supply chain organizations.

According to Dr. Nancy Nix, AWESOME Executive Director, “One of the most surprising findings is that although there is a general perception that women are gaining higher levels of leadership in supply chain, the survey found that actual progress is much slower than that perception would suggest.”

“This study gives a foundation to work from so we can measure actual progress going forward,” she added.

Results were released at the AWESOME Symposium in May and the report can be downloaded here. The research also was described in an article in Supply Chain Management Review written by Dr. Nancy Nix, AWESOME Executive Director, and Dana Stiffler, vice president at Gartner Research. Download article pdf

AWESOME and Gartner plan to conduct additional research, including one-on-one interviews with some of the original respondents to further explore their experiences and their insights into effective company strategies to advance women.

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