2015 AWESOME Legendary Leadership (ALL) Award Background & Criteria


The 2014 honorees were Heather Sheehan, Vice President, Indirect Sourcing and Logistics, Danaher Corporation, and Kathryn Wengel, Vice President, Johnson & Johnson Supply Chain. The objective of the award is to recognize outstanding women who have advanced insupply chain leadership roles so they may serve as role models and inspiration to other women and so we can build awareness of women’s significance throughout our field.

Also at Symposium time, recognition was given to our recipients’ companies – Danaher Corporation and J&J —  with the AWESOME Company Leadership Award for “being the kind of company that recognizes and values excellence in women leaders.” The objective of this award is to encourage those companies and other companies to advance women in their organizations.


Using the following Selection Criteria for the AWESOME Legendary Leadership Award, we will identify women who have:

  1. Achieved extraordinary professional excellence and success.
  2. Addressed challenges impacting opportunities for women in our field.
  3. Advanced the changing landscape of women’s supply chain leadership.

Because the selection criteria can be interpreted and applied in a variety of ways, each winner will add new dimensions to the understanding of what it means to be an outstanding supply chain leader.

For example, they may be women who have:

  • Contributed broadly throughout the supply chain (e.g. multiple businesses or industries, functional diversity (manufacturing, logistics, procurement, technology, engineering), global roles and responsibilities)
  • Contributed to business success (strategic perspective, business growth, innovation, quality, service, and customer support)
  • Broadened recognition of the business case for advancing women leaders
  • Contributed to the development and advancement of women leaders in their organization
  • Gained visibility for women in leadership roles in the industry
  • Advanced collaboration and integration across the supply chain (customer partnerships, cross-functional integration)

Companies will not be evaluated separately. They will receive the Company Leadership Award as a by-product of their executive winning the ALL Award. At the same time, if there is a company whose advancement of women is notoriously poor, we would need to take that into consideration.

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