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“Setbacks are a part of any profession, but at the end of the day, you have to turn each one of those moments into a positive.”

— Carli Lloyd, member of the US soccer team that won two Olympic Gold medals and the 2012 World Cup, in an interview in the Makers video series. She talks about how, after being cut from the U.S Under 21 National Team, she had to put new effort into honing her skills, her toughness, and her character to reinvent her career and reach her peak performance.

While at Rutgers, where she was the first athlete to be named First-Team All-Big East for four years, she was unexpectedly cut from the National Team. After working with a coach, she regained her belief and a “reinvented love for the game.”

She says when a setback happens, “you have to roll your sleeves up, get to work, and face it.”

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