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Supply Chain Digitization: “the biggest transformation”

At the 2016 AWESOME Symposium, AWESOME Legendary Leadership Award honoree Annette Clayton said, “The biggest transformation in the discipline is going to come from digitization. The companies that figure out how to optimize that end-to-end…are the companies that are going to win.” In the spirit of helping your company be among those, we’ve collected some of the best information about digitization.

Annette, who since the Symposium has added the role of President and CEO, North America Operations, for Schneider Electric, the global company specializing in energy management and automation, continues to serve as the Group’s Chief Supply Chain Officer leading the Global Supply Chain organization. She’s quoted in the upcoming AWESOME REALITY CHECK, the collective wisdom from the Symposium, as saying, “We’ve all tried to reach into other parts of the supply chain to drive more value. But what’s happened is our ability now to have access to all of this digital information makes it really an opportunity, maybe for the first time in all of our careers.”

The following articles provide thought-provoking insights into how digital supply chains open up opportunities. According to Capgemini Consulting, “digital supply chains have the capability for extensive information availability and superior collaboration that result in improved reliability, agility and effectiveness.”

      Capgemini Consulting: “Creating Value – When Digital Meets Physical”

      JDA Software Group, Inc.: Results of new research conducted with SCDigest finding that digitization is a top priority to drive next generation supply chain performance.

          Whitepaper: “The Future Is Now: Harnessing the Power of Digitization to Drive Greater Supply Chain Performance”

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