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Analysis of new study leads to recommendations for increasing women’s leadership in supply chain

Results from a survey conducted by Gartner among AWESOME network members and others in the industry confirm some widely-held concerns. The study found that the percentage of women in leadership positions decreases as the corporate ladder rises and that many companies are still not taking steps. The report can be downloaded here.

According to Nancy Nix, AWESOME Executive Director, “One other interesting finding is that the situation seems to be slightly different for AWESOME network members and their companies. Survey respondents who were not affiliated with AWESOME reported relatively lower proportions of female leaders, particularly at senior levels.

“We see this as an encouraging sign that engagement leads to more awareness and better results.”

Based on the research, which set out to identify practices that are increasing the success of women in supply chain organizations, Gartner offers these recommendations:

    • Increase numbers of women at entry levels via stronger recruitment practices and build integrated pipelines and leadership program infrastructure at mid-management levels.
    • If there is an institutional goal to advance women in supply chain, upgrade talent practices at all levels.
    • Set specific goals that articulate a concrete result.

AWESOME would like to thank Gartner, Jane Barrett, and Dana Stiffler (who presented an overview of the study at the AWESOME Symposium in April) for their leadership on this important research.

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