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“Never say no to an opportunity to learn and expand your role.”

Dr. Nancy Nix, AWESOME Executive Director, in an article appearing in The European Business Review, part of a series on “Female Leadership in Our Time.”

When asked in the article about gender and success in the logistics industry, Nancy said, “Establishing credibility and trust is critical – if people know they can trust you and they have your support, differences of perspective can be openly shared and that diversity of thought becomes a powerful tool.”

She also offers insights about gender and career choices, female representation in the supply chain industry, work-life balance, women and leadership in the supply chain industry, risk-taking, and future challenges.

When talking about future challenges, Nancy was asked about AWESOME and how she would define success for the organization. She replied: “Success for AWESOME will include the following:

    • Women advancing their careers – in senior supply chain leadership positions and the C-suite
    • Emerging leaders developing faster into senior leader roles
    • More women entering supply chain careers and fewer are opting out
    • Women viewed as influential in the industry and sought out for their leadership and business skills
    • AWESOME recognized and valued for our contribution to advancing women leaders in supply chain”
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