AWESOME leaders and special guests are invited to a networking reception at White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails – a favorite neighborhood location -- on Sunday, September 24, opening night of the CSCMP Edge Conference.

AWESOME Executive Director Nancy Nix will be recognized for her contributions as practitioner, educator, program innovator, thought leader, and organizational leader and will become the second woman ever to receive the industry's highest honor from CSCMP.

“CBRE is honored to support AWESOME’s opening reception at this CSCMP Edge conference…and we applaud the example that Dr. Nix and AWESOME have set in encouraging and highlighting women’s contributions in the field of supply chain.“

Among all the news and commentary following the memo by the Google engineer criticizing diversity initiatives, an essay in Wall Street Journal reminds us of the busines case for diversity...A study reported by Science Daily confirms women and men react similarly to stress in the workplace.

In addition to the Mega Session powered by AWESOME at 8:30 am on Wednesday, Sept. 27 at the CSCMP Edge Conference in Atlanta, we want to recognize and commend all women participating as speakers and panelists at the conference. Women in supply chain have so much expertise to share on a broad range of topics.

The AWESOME online store for shirts, sweaters, vests, jackets -- and more -- displaying the AWESOME logo is open for business. (There’s even a “onesie” for your youngest AWESOME family member.)